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Solve climate change, mitigate natural disasters, and achieve the expansion of humanity with quality of life through sustainable development and equal rights, with the execution of 24 strategic plans


The Earth in good condition and humanity expanding on the planet and solar system with sustainable development and equal rights. 


With evaluated and planned solutions

We educate, innovate, advise and manage projects to make the changes that the world needs


We educate, innovate, advise and manage projects related to the following topics:

casa antihuracán

Sustainable Constructions

Cielos azules

Air Quality


Efficient Water Management

Puesta de sol en los paneles solares

Renewable energy

Estación de carga eléctrica

Green Electric Mobility.

Reciclaje de botellas de plástico

Practical and lucrative recycling

Abeja en una margarita

Environmental Conservation

Granja de vegetales hidropónicos

Sustainable Food

Proyectos de Desarrollo Sostenible.png

We provide comprehensive solutions, covering these basic points for sustainable development to homes, industries, companies, communities, municipalities, regions, countries, continents... 


We Provide Assistance to Humanitarian Crises


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Sustainable Shelters Project

Shelters that train with the technique by learning, doing (Learning by doing) sustainable economic activities and museums of truth, for justice for crimes against humanity and solving displacement crises. 

Niños sin electricidad

Hunger and Poverty Eradication Project

Tools and occupational training in sustainable economic activities that empower citizens to overcome poverty and hunger while helping to mitigate climate change.

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Disaster Mitigation

We provide education and advisory services for the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, and for reconstruction

We promote the Recovery and Environmental Conservation of Key Natural Resources to Solve Climate Change

Vista desde la montaña
La investigación de ballenas
Abeja en una margarita
La hierba y Mar

We focus on conserving different natural resources, in our active plan Climate, we focus on recovering those that are key to solving climate change: jungles, forests, mangroves, glaciers, whales and oceans, bees, butterflies, wild flowers, grasslands and rivers, for the health of soils, air and water, vital for environmental conservation, the absorption and retention of greenhouse gases.

Logo 600px.png

Featured Activities

Sounds of the Earth Magazine is Now Available!
(Available in Spanish and English languages)

Copia de Revista Sonidos de la Tierra para Impresión y Descarga Digital (2).png

The magazine that will mark a milestone in the monitoring and prediction of geological disasters, with cutting-edge technologies and innovation. We will show you how catastrophes can be avoided through modern and innovative construction techniques and how to protect the magnetic field from climate change.

Mujeres en Ciencias

STEM Dissemination and Innovation Teams
Led by Women and Formed with Gender Equality

For the Dissemination or Development of the Innovations Proposed in the Sounds of the Earth Magazine

Form your team and Contact Us!

Solutions to the World Crisis
Housing deficit

Tree housing building

Tree Housing Project

Currently there is a global housing crisis, according to the UN more than 100 million people in the world are homeless, a figure that is increased by natural disasters that leave more than 14 million people homeless a year. By virtue of facing this situation, we design a sustainable smart building to solve this problem with social and economic integration.

Solutions to Halt and Reverse Desertification in the Hunger Strip, The Sahel, Africa


Green Gray Mountain

In order to stop the advance of the Sahara and hunger in the Sahel, we designed the Montaña Verde Gris project, which will serve as an orographic barrier to facilitate the reforestation projects of the Great Green Wall, provide goods and services, to solve poverty, production of biofertilizers, means of job training, employment and sustainable food production...


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You will learn about the problems that are in vogue, our proposals to solve them and how you can help to solve them

Todas las manos adentro

Help us !

Send your donation by different means of payment, through the reliable Western Union platform, make a bank transfer in the name of  NGO Arca Tierra RUT 65.195.204-2, Santiago Chile. State Bank Vista Account #21470082612 BIC or SWIFT Code: BECHCLRM


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Sobre Nosotros

  • ¿Quiénes Somos?

  • ¿Cómo Trabajamos

  • ¿Qué Hacemos?

  • Informes Anuales

Sobre Nosotros

  • ¿Quiénes Somos?

  • ¿Cómo Trabajamos

  • ¿Qué Hacemos?

  • Informes Anuales

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